Strona: Intellectual outputs / EDURES, Erasmus+, Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszów University of Technology

Intellectual outputs

Within the project partners would like to develop the following detailed outputs:

Output 1: 
Guide for educators regarding the utilization of research results in technology education.

The role of educational technologies in improving educational practices and outcomes is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, our goal is to develop a comprehensive guide for educators respecting the results obtained in analysed fields of science (e.g., mechanical engineering). At this stage we are going to analyse existing best practices, literature, opinions of students / teachers / local and international educational institutions.

Output 2: 
Development of the digital platform methodologies for utilization of research results in technology education.

At this stage of the work, the existing digital platforms and the possibilities of their application for utilization of research results in technology education will be analyzed in detail. Furthermore, the development and testing of a set of tools (e.g. templates, procedures, algorithms) that can be used in the implementation of research results on a digital platform will be an important factor of undertaken activities.

Output 3: 
Development of pilot lectures using EDURES methodologies.

The new lectures will be developed within the Output 3 to support technology education in partner universities and share their knowledge and useful best practices. The lectures will contain completely new data and new teaching materials will be presented. There are eight new lectures planned that will indicate how the teaching content utilizing research results, should look like.

Output 4
Digital platform with implemented EDURES teaching content.

At this stage the results of the work from three previous intellectual outputs will be implemented into the existing platforms and their effectiveness among the target groups of students and teachers will be tested. The unique (completely new) educational platform utilizing research results in technology education will be formulated.

Output 5
Report on the development of the set of tools and procedures for EDURES feedback and methods of continuous improvement.

At this point, potential improvements of the developed tools to utilize research results in technology education will be confidently expected. This will be based on feedback from students, graduates, teachers and industry representatives. Moreover, strictly defined methods to make received data useful for improvements of the EDURES platform will be also one of the objective in the undertaken work. Implementation of feedback results into the developed platform will be the next step. The final step will be development of procedures which help to sustain and extend our work in the future.